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Embark on your homeschooling journey with confidence using our comprehensive guidebooks. Our Starter Guidebook lays the foundation, offering practical advice on setting up, understanding legal requirements, and establishing a flexible learning routine. Complementing it, the Resource Guidebook provides educational tools and activities, tailored to various learning styles and interests. Together, these guides provide a holistic approach to homeschooling, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge, resources, and inspiration to make learning at home a dynamic and rewarding experience for your family.

Audio Books

Narrarated by Harper D’s 10-year-old daughter, Nona, these engaging audio books offer entertainment and amusement for listeners of all ages. Brimming with vivid storytelling, this series features captivating narratives that blend humor, adventure, and intriguing characters. Its immersive sound design and engaging narration bring each story to life, making it a perfect companion for family road trips or cozy evening listens. Whether you’re a child at heart or sharing the experience with young ones, these tales offer a delightful escape into worlds where imagination reigns supreme and laughter is just a chapter away.


Hear from the author herself, with ‘HomeSchool Huddles,’ a series of engaging audio clips designed to support and inspire your homeschooling journey. Each Huddle offers practical advice, creative strategies, and a hearty dose of humor to tackle the day-to-day challenges of educating at home. From navigating learning styles to managing your homeschooling schedule, these bite-sized sessions are packed with insights and real-life experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooler or just starting out, ‘HomeSchool Huddles’ is your go-to resource for tips, laughs, and community support.

Featured Resources

Starter Guide

Resource Guide

  “Empowering Parents, Enlightening Young Minds, Nurturing Heroes at Home, One Lesson at a Time”

-Harper D.

About Harper D.

A dynamic full-time businesswoman, wife, mom, and passionate educator, Harper D. is the driving force behind HomeSchool Heroes HQ. Balancing her professional expertise with a deep commitment to homeschooling, Harper brings a unique blend of practical wisdom, humor, and adventure to the world of education. Her innovative guidebooks, audio books, HomeSchool Huddles’ audio clips, and Open Forum “The Hub” for Huddle members, reflect her dedication to empowering parents and children on their homeschooling journey, making learning an exciting and fulfilling experience.

About NONA

Nona, the real life 10-year-old daughter of Harper D, is a spirited and creative soul with a love for gymnastics, video gaming, and her friends & family. Homeschooled and filled with a big sense of humor, she enjoys spending time at home or at the gym, surrounded by her close friends and family. Known for her mischievous mind and passion for creating content, Nona loves her relaxed moments,  playing with friends, hanging with her family, and living in her own imaginative worlds. Her life is a blend of athletics, creativity, and close-knit relationships, making every day an adventure.

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