“All messages go through a little safety check before Nona or anyone else can see them to keep our space safe and fun. Let’s make sure we use kind and proper words in our comments. Be respectful and Comment with Care.”

-Nona’s Mom

Hello Good People of the Internet!! I’m Nona, the “lucky” star of “Two Minute Twisters” and “My Very Bad, Very Mad Science Teacher.” You can buy “Meet the Teacher” now if you want to become a member. Welcome to my blog, Ask Nona. (Because who wouldn’t want advice from a 10-year-old, right?)

What's Up with This Blog?

It’s simple: you ask, I answer. Questions about the audio book? Sure. Random stuff about me? Why not. Or feel free to leave your own comments and thoughts. I’m here, you’re there, we got this!

About Me (Briefly, Promise):

I’m 10, which is like being a grown-up but without the fun part (like paying bills). i’m a little bit crazy… maybe a lot. I LOVE gaming, gymnastics, and creating a bunch of cool stuff. I like kittens too, but my parents won’t let me get one 😒

Your Turn!

Got a weird question? A normal one? Either way, drop it in the comments. I’ll answer with all the wisdom my 10 years on Earth have given me (so, you know, manage your expectations).

Be nice, and let’s have as much fun as a science experiment gone… right? See ya in the comments (or not, no pressure), Nona 😎

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3 months ago

i really like tha 2 min twisters! i cant wait for tha next one

3 months ago

Hi Nona. I’m so ecsited to meet you! You are funny. How did you start making videos?


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