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Hear from the author herself, with ‘HomeSchool Huddles,’ a series of engaging audio clips designed to support and inspire your homeschooling journey. Each Huddle offers practical advice, creative strategies, and a hearty dose of humor to tackle the day-to-day challenges of educating at home. From navigating learning styles to managing your homeschooling schedule, these bite-sized sessions are packed with insights and real-life experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooler or just starting out, ‘HomeSchool Huddles’ is your go-to resource for tips, laughs, and community support.

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Members will enjoy exclusive perks such as discounts on purchases, fostering cost-effective educational choices. The membership also includes access to “The Hub” a community space on, where members can connect, share insights, and interact directly with the author. Additionally, it provides unlimited access to all Homeschool Huddles, ensuring a well-rounded homeschool journey. 

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The Homeschool Huddles membership is intended for adults, though children are welcome to listen or participate in huddles at the discretion of their parents or guardians. Members are expected to adhere to the user conduct guidelines as outlined in our Terms & Conditions. Failure to comply with these standards may result in the revocation of membership access.