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We aim to provide resources that cover a variety of topics needed to make it easy for parents to find what they need to create a well-rounded homeschooling experience for their children. One of our standout features is the exclusive audio series narrated by Nona herself. Nona’s engaging storytelling brings content to life in a fun and relatable way.

We understand that homeschooling can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s why we are offering Homeschool Huddles, a unique opportunity for parents and students to come together in a supportive online discussion. Our huddles are informative, interactive, and will be tailored to meet the specific needs of our members.



Your go-to resource for homeschooling success. With over 30 pages of content, it covers everything from understanding state laws to curriculum, time management tips, and more.



Packed with over 30 pages of valuable information and recommendations, the Resource Guide helps you with education, curriculum, and assessment tools.

Audio Series

Follow Nona with her vivid storytelling. This series features captivating narratives that blend humor, adventure, and intriguing characters. Its immersive sound design and engaging narration bring each story to life.

My Very Bad, Very Mad Science Teacher

An audio series where realness meets imagination. Narrated by Nona, a spirited and witty kid, these stories are unfiltered, vivid, and humorous. It’s a series for all, but with humor that might fly over the heads of the little ones. Expect straight talk, hearty laughs, and a journey into an uncertain fate.


The Complete Audio Book


In ‘Meet the Teacher,’ the first book of the series, listeners journey with Nona, a homeschooled girl with a sharp wit and unique perspective on her unfortunate situation.

Chapter 1: All About Yours Truly

Nona introduces herself to listeners. She shares insights into her life, explaining that she’s homeschooled. Nona’s dry wit, sense of humor, and nonchalant tone shine through as she talks about her unique situation.

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Chapter 2: The Day I Met My Very Bad, Very Mad Science Teacher

Nona begins her day just like any other regular day. However, her normal routine takes an unexpected turn when her parents drop a bombshell.

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Chapter 3: Proceed With Caution

Nona and her classmates are led into the ominous science lab by the eccentric Professor. Inside, they encounter a room filled with unsettling surprises and an atmosphere of foreboding uncertainty.

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Chapter 4: No Way Out

Nona and her classmates find themselves uncomfortable with bizarre experiments and an unsettling silence, leaving them with a growing sense of unease and uncertainty about their fate.

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“Two Minute Twisters with Nona” is a captivating series of short, vividly narrated stories, each packed with rich details and immersive soundscapes that bring the tales to life.Each episode, brimming with vivid imagery and Nona’s expressive narration, promises to transport young and old listeners alike into a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, making every second count.

Exclusive Membership

Hear from the author herself, with ‘HomeSchool Huddles,’ a series of engaging audio clips designed to support and inspire your homeschooling journey. Each Huddle offers practical advice, creative strategies, and a hearty dose of humor to tackle the day-to-day challenges of educating at home. The membership also includes access to “The Hub” a community space where members can connect, share insights, and interact directly with the author.

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